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Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) 400mg

sovaldi 400mg buyGeneric Sovaldi 400mg (Sofosbuvir) is an antiviral medication that prevents hepatitis C virus (HCV) from multiplying in your body. Sofosbuvir is used in combination with other medications to treat hepatitis C in adults. Sofosbuvir is sometimes used in people who also have HIV, or people who have liver cancer and are going to have a liver transplant. This medicine is not a treatment for HIV or AIDS.

Sofosbuvir is also used together with Daklinza (daclatasvir) to treat hepatitis C genotype 3 infection in adults.

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Generic Sovaldi can be taken with or without food but medical instruction from physician is vital thing. Sovaldi is a great treatment for hepatitis c in combination with other medication and it is suitable for CHC patients. Dosage level of this generic sovaldi from Natco will differ based on the genotype infection of patients. Full study about this medication will provide good solution to their problems and people have to collect information about it. Persons should never take extra drug when they miss a scheduled dose because it will create lot of problems. Many manufacturers are offering this tablet but they have to buy it from effective Natco dealer in market. Generic sovaldi from Natco will solve problems faced by patients in a good manner. Price of sovaldi is also reasonable and people can buy it without budget issues. Recommended dosage of sovaldi is 400mg and it can be taken orally. Ideal ways to buy generic sovaldi online: People have to realize the fact that it will not give cure for HIV issues and it brings solution to hepatitis c.

Sofosbuvir 400mg - Hepatitis C

Usual Adult Dose for Chronic Hepatitis C is 400 mg orally once a day Recommended Regimens and Duration of Therapy:

  • Genotype 1 or 4 chronic hepatitis C (CHC): Sofosbuvir, peginterferon alfa, and ribavirin for 12 weeks
  • Genotype 2 CHC: Sofosbuvir and ribavirin for 12 weeks
  • Genotype 3 CHC: Sofosbuvir and ribavirin for 24 weeks
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma awaiting liver transplantation: Sofosbuvir and ribavirin for up to 48 weeks or until liver transplantation (whichever occurs first)

Hepatitis C is inflammation of the liver in humans caused by the hepatitis C virus. The virus is primarily transmitted by blood-to-blood contact associated with transfusion and intravenous drug use. The infection is often asymptomatic, but chronic infection can lead to cirrhosis.

Sofosbuvir Ingredients

Active ingredient Sofosbuvir. Dosing recommendations have to be noted properly for HCV infected patients otherwise they have to face struggles. Hepcinat by natco online pharmacy: Many online pharmacies are providing drugs for HCV patients but they have to buy branded drug to get recovery faster. Information about brand of sovaldi is very essential otherwise they cannot give right solution to affected persons.

Sovaldi is generally taken with other antiviral medicines for 12 weeks, 24 weeks or 48 weeks based on the infection of persons. These dosage levels are based on the genotype of persons and hepcinat by natco can be taken orally as per doctor advice. These drugs have to be taken once with or without food based on the population of viral cells in their body. Generic sovaldi can be obtained at affordable cost when they perform effective search on internet resource. Comparison of different medicines will give uses of branded medicines and they can use it for safety standards. Hepcinat by natco is a best choice for patients because of permanent solution provided by it.

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